What is deep drawing?

L'imbutitura è un processo mediante il quale si deforma plasticamente una lamiera per ottenere forme per lo più cilindriche. La lavorazione avviene a freddo attraverso l'azione di presse molto pesanti che “punzonano” la lamiera per darle la forma definitiva.


The deep drawing produces results that are very resistant and reliable; the final product is in fact free from welds as it is made up of a single piece of sheet metal and lends itself well to the production of containers with characteristics of excellent strength and resistance to shocks and stresses.

The deep drawing has a measured thickness of the sheet uniform at each point and may require several passes in order to obtain the desired final shape. In the case of high depths, the process is called high deep drawing.

It is extraordinary to see how with the drawing process you can forge a very resistant material such as steel as if it were rubber or plastic; if performed in a workmanlike manner, the cylinder obtained by pushing the punch on the sheet positioned on the mold is free of defects, breaks or folds.


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