Feet for Pallets


Feet for Pallets

Products of several measures, thickness and materials for metallic pallets manufacturers.


tabella piedini

Beaded Dish Heads


Beaded Dished Heads

Beaded dished heads made in carbon steel, suitable for welding on pipes, allows to obtain tanks for several uses. The shape meets the UNI tabs features required (Cap radius=head diameter, junction radius=1/10 head diameter). Realizable in different heights on request.


tabella fondelli

Tube Bends


Bends on electro-welded tube from cold rolled steel

These bends, obtained from cold deformation, are characterized from a reduced radius of curvature and a uniform thickness of the material along the all section of the tube. They can be produced on electro-welded tube from cold rolled carbon steel or stainless steel A304. 


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